Portland kitchen design by Portland Architect Celeste Lewis

Kitchen Design and Remodeing

Today the kitchen is the heart of the home. But it wasn't always so. In the old days kitchens were lean-tos built outside. They later migrated inside but remained the private domain of the cook of the house, separate and removed. But as both social mores and the way we use our homes have changed, our kitchens have evolved and our demands on them have expanded.


Our approach to kitchen design and remodeling at Celeste Lewis Architecture begins with an examination of how you use your kitchen. Because while kitchens are still primarily for food prep and eating, they need to work for other uses as well. How often do we cook? Where do we start? With the freezer and microwave or the fridge and oven? Where do we use our laptop or tablet? Does the counter double as a workbench at times? And how should the kitchen support our social interactions at home through its spatial relationship to other rooms in the house?


With an understanding of the answers to these questions we're ready to design a kitchen ideally suited to your needs. And we work with you to establish a palette of durable finishes and surfaces that reflects your tastes and expresses your aesthetic. Elegant task lighting supports the space's beauty and utility, with extra capacity designed-in for future needs.


The result is an eminently functional and timeless kitchen for your house and household.


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