Light Nail Colors


No matter the style of your look—from chic to minimalist—light nail colors add the perfect finishing touch. According to nail experts, light hues help achieve an air of sophistication while remaining natural-looking. Here is an amazing fact about Nail polish Distributors.

While nail polish colors tend to change seasonally, beauty experts are taking an alternative approach this spring with more neutral options such as forest green. It looks adorable on long nails with soft almond shapes.


Sage is one of the most versatile nail color trends in terms of shade and design options. From elegant French manicures to vibrant patterns, sage hues can easily be worn for various events and seasons.

If you’re in search of an eye-catching spring or summer manicure, combine sage green nails with pastel shades such as baby blue or soft pink for an eye-catching feminine and delicate effect. Floral motifs or other designs inspired by nature will add an outdoor element. Alternatively, this shade can create an earthier autumn or winter look by pairing it with deeper colors like brown.

Modern and contemporary manicures often use sage green as the background for intricate geometric or floral patterns or designs, such as metallic glitter nail polish. You could create such patterns on the tips of your nails with metallic or glitter polish or paint small dots in circles for floral designs.

Another fun way to style sage green nails is to apply them layer by layer for a more textured effect. This works particularly well if you opt for matte or shimmery finishes. Sage green also works perfectly with chrome nail polish trends, adding extra shine and allure.


Nude nail colors offer the ideal way to enhance hands subtly. According to celebrity manicurist Gina Edwards, neutral hues provide an easy transition between nails and skin while making nail art easy to create.

For fair skin tones, pastel pink nude shades like Morgan Taylor Natural Sheer Pink Sheer nail polish or Catrice More Than Nude Nail Polish in Soft Sheen Pink can work wonders in complementing skin tone and neutralizing redness around nails. If your complexion has cool undertones, look for shades with blue undertones or beige with warm gold hues, such as Essie Nail Polish in Sand Tropez or Sally Hansen Good Karma Pure Lasting Colour in Powder Room, to find an ideal match.

Medium skin tones can pull off an array of nude nail polish shades, with pale taupe being exceptionally versatile. A neutral beige with an added hint of pink can brighten skin tones while making hands appear longer, and soft pink shades with beige or brown accents may also work well on medium skin tones with green veins on their wrist.

Deep-skinned women can wear sheer candy pinks, but rosy beige is the go-to shade, according to Edwards. This neutral hue keeps the color from being too bright while adding warm undertones that complement and brighten dark complexions, she explains. Deep pink with mauve undertones may also work, though be wary of those featuring purple or blue undertones that might bring out greyness in darker skin tones.


Moss green nails offer the ideal earthy, muted hue for fall. A warm alternative to classic navy and oxblood shades, moss green looks especially striking against dark denim. While neutrals pair nicely with this hue, rich red hues and classic black may complete an all-season ensemble.

Make this shade pop with jelly nail polish that provides a subtle wash of color while remaining translucent, such as olive jelly nail polish for an earthy, soft appearance or crocodile moss nail polish for something more striking, and both are available from Nails Inc.

For a classic green manicure, choose darker nails in reptilian-inspired patterns. Their blend of two perfect hues creates scale-like effects that pair nicely with dark leather jackets or chunky jewelry in silver or gold tones.

Using different shades of green creates a more natural gradient effect. This style works wonderfully if you don’t want to commit fully to neon makeup but still want some splash of color in your look—light sage, forest, or sea green shades work great for this style; just remember to apply lighter hues first to prevent streaking!

Cool-Toned Pastel

Certain signature beauty looks never go out of style, like the timeless ruby red lip or full, fluffy brows, but the right nail color can transform an everyday outfit into something truly extraordinary.

No matter your skin tone, there is sure to be an array of light nail colors that will complement it beautifully. Pinks and baby blues work particularly well when combined with fair skin tones, while earthy hues like burnt sienna and copper suit darker complexions better.

If you’re having trouble selecting the appropriate shade for yourself, conduct a color test. Pay close attention to how your wrist appears—blue or pink hues suggest cool complexions, while purple and red tones indicate warmer ones. Check your nail veins as well to determine whether you have blue or green undertones.

Pastel manicures are an adorable and straightforward way to express yourself through nail art. Choose your favorite pastel hues, experiment with different shapes on each nail, or use the pick-and-mix technique. Add glitter for some added bling!

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