Feel Free to Customize Your New TV Setup


Having a TV set up can expand a person’s horizons. It was love at first sight when you saw your brand-new TV hanging on the wall at your neighborhood store. As you drift off to sleep, this will be the focal point of your new home theater, living area, or even the bedroom. You and your loved ones have no idea how many installation choices are available. Many people just haven’t considered mounting their TV on the wall.

Your new flat-screen TV must replace the twenty-year-old CRT or rear-projection model now perched atop the stand. Thinner and lighter than ever, today’s TVs give you many new possibilities beyond just better viewing. You now have choices that can enhance your quality of life. Have you ever noticed how much more room would be if that cumbersome component stand weren’t there? Yes, many of us have always assumed we had to compromise on what we saw. Think about how shallow a new LED TV would be if installed on the wall: about the same as a standard picture frame. You no longer need that huge television stand since you’ve relocated your cable box and Blu-ray player to the closet across the room or installed shelving on the wall. It would be helpful in more ways than just making six feet of room on the ground level available.

You have recently completed construction on your basement and are now searching for a home theater system to install there. Nothing else is required except that it be spotless. From this vantage point, you can see the entire wall, not just the TV. You’ve finally gotten around to hanging your brand-new plasma, but anyone can only see the wall behind it. Your rack, containing all of your equipment, is located in the adjacent closet and is operated via a radio frequency (RF) remote. When you put in a movie, the surround sound instantly begins and immerses you in the action. It seems like magic until you notice the concealed speakers in the walls and ceiling that match the decor. If you’re willing to look outside the box and upgrade your TV setup, you can enjoy the kind of audiovisual spectacle that’s the stuff of homeownership fantasies.

The size of the installation is not always necessary. You no longer have to choose between a flat-panel TV and some much-needed counter or dresser space in the kitchen or bedroom because you can now accommodate one. Mounting the TV on the wall is a simple and efficient solution. Imagine the TV is mounted on a full-motion arm that allows you to quickly move it to different locations around the kitchen as you prepare different dishes. Just picture yourself dragging it out of bed and pointing it at the bathroom mirror so you can watch it while you get dressed in the morning. This setup can make a few crucial moments of your day more pleasant since the devil is in the details.

If you have the correct specialist on the job, your possibilities for installing your new flat panel are far from limited. You can spruce up a focal room in the house, upgrade your entertainment setup, or liven up the everyday moments of your day. When deciding where to put your TV, you’ll have greater freedom to make aesthetic changes beyond the picture quality.

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