Guidelines for Online Marketing and SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION – How to Promote Your current Business/Website Online


There are various approaches to promoting your website online, a wide variety of which just need a few of your efforts, while others burn a small gap in your pocket. When you can own and build a website, selling and marketing for it on the net won’t be much of a pain.

Consequently, my online marketing tactic revolves around these few things:


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) means an internet marketing technique that needs the promotion of internet websites by increasing their rankings in search engine result web pages. It involves a couple of methods:

a> Ppc (PPC) advertising

b> Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Pay Per Click is a method of paying a search engine to exhibit your website more frequently in search effects as a user searches for any content. At the same time, SEO will be the method where you actually adjust or rewrite your website’s content manually to achieve increased rankings in the search engine effect pages.


This can be a form of marketing where mass media and content are created and published to communicate with prospective customers. The content may be images, newsletters, how-to guides, circumstance studies, etc. The primary purpose of content marketing is not to promote a product directly but to stay in touch with existing and to-be clients and provide them with necessary and helpful information to acquire their loyalty. The most common, in addition to traditional content advertising and marketing, is to write descriptive articles or blog posts or ad content on sites including EzineArticles, Squidoo, ArticlesBase, GoArticles, etc. Some of them even spend on writing articles.


Social Media Marketing is often a way of popularizing an event, solution, service, brand or corporation with the help of social networking sites. It is an outstanding marketing method because it depends upon the human eye, the content and how much your readers share it. The most common websites for social media marketing are Facebook or myspace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook or myspace, etc. Most of these sites give you a dedicated page for your enterprise that can be used to promote your company, products or services. Furthermore, words of oral cavity shared by the consumers play an essential role in doing precisely the same.


Mobile Advertising and marketing, as evident from the name, is the form of advertising and marketing where cell phones are the constant passage between a company and their buyers or future clients, where customers are provided personalized. Customized facts, offers, or deals about the product or services. You will discover many mobile advertising and marketing ways, but we will keep it only to the most common and most effective approaches here.

A> TXT: There are a lot of bulk SMS guru services that, unlike the telephony companies, which have a hat on the maximum number of SMSs sent, allow users to deliver a large number of SMS and ensure delivery. So this majority SMS service may be used to give messages related to products and services to your large number of users in a concise time; plus, it’s highly cost-effective.

b> App-Based Marketing: As the use of smartphones increases, the use of cellular applications has also increased proportionally. So the concept is to create mobile applications for iOS, Android and Symbian systems and distribute them accessible over the online apps marketplace. Sending Push notifications increases the advantage as the users instantly get alerts and notifications upon new products, services or info.


This is a method of direct marketing wherever commercial messages are brought to a group of people using e-mails. The mails may be brought to a database of active or potential customers to promote a new or old service or product, provide a deal or present to solicit repeat organization or instant business. Companies regularly send promotional e-mails where a deal is presented for a limited time, and the customers have a discount if they avail of the assistance or products within which period. Sending online newsletters at periodic intervals also builds loyalty to existing customers.


There are several online categorized sites where we can article advertisements about our services and products for a very small or no cost. The classified websites may be recognized locally, nationally or worldwide. Keeping in mind the Indian native online market, the ones that arrived to my mind are Quikr and Click on. In, Olx… and the listing never stops. Location along with Craigslist are two of typically the giants in international on the web market; needless to mention; there exists a lot more in this category. Every single ad you publish during these sites remains active for a certain period, and then you will need to either renew/repost them or publish another ad if it is still required.


Link Exchange appertains to the method where the administrators involving two(or more) websites accept the display of each other’s advert or link on their website for their mutual benefit. The strategy also implies the course of action where several administrators, or maybe Webmasters, register their site on the central website that is the host and provides reciprocal links to the participating sites to show on their pages, Therefore if you register yourself about link exchange programs upon such a site, the link to your site will be placed in several other comparable ranked websites, and in turn, you have to place their links in your site, simple, isn’t this? Generally, this service arrives free of cost as it runs on the theory of reciprocity; both the actual parties benefit mutually and the majority equally, but at times it is a bit of your fortune when you opt for premium and rapid services.


Debate forums are a great way of promoting yourselves to a group of qualified customers. Online discussion forums/boards are present for almost every issue you can think of, so in this area, you get a group of people that are actually(and only) interested in the same issue, product or services you’re offering. Thus, all the men and women in that discussion are generally your potential customers, pitch excessive and bang at the correct moment is all you need to do. The search engines also have dedicated discussion/Q&A forums, writing and marketing your articles that may fetch good results.


Written, printed, or message media are good ways of advertising, but short videos on the services or products are a great way of advertising. Here, people just need to look at your video for a few seconds or minutes and determine what they are meant to. In this manner, they quite easily omit the standard and comparatively bland technique of reading the advertisement, newsletter, or maybe promotional messages. The most common software is YouTube, where you can post your custom-made videos free or opt for a paid campaign where very short publicized videos are inserted(by YouTube) between other videos which can already be a bit known to men and women. Thus there are more chances of men and women seeing the promotional video.


Web sites or link directories are the sites on the world wide web(www) that will link to other websites and categorise them according to their particular content. In simple words, directories do generally not search engines but just an online directory that shows the list of websites based on categories and sub-categories. There are a large number of net directories that offer free, paid-for, reciprocal and affiliate linkings depending upon your choice. If grouped correctly, directory listing is a good way of online marketing. DMOZ, Bing, and Digg are some of the most famous internet directories online.


Deals always attract customers, regardless of whether they have not much to do with this product. They stop to search for what is being offered. Often this paves the way for any person to think deeply, in addition to considering availing of the deal even if they are getting it at a reasonable price. There are a lot of websites everywhere services/products are offered at lower rates. Consider visiting Snapdeal, Groupon, Timesdeal and a handful of others.


After all these kinds of efforts, if there is still any hitch left in the sales method, affiliate marketing is always there to market direct sales of the product and services where a small show in the profit is given to the publisher or vendor to promote sales. It is an efficient based marketing system, as well as the affiliate, gets a percentage regarding profit for selling or perhaps helping in selling an article through the use of any of the above listed or perhaps his/her marketing strategies. One of the common ways is always to place advertisement links or perhaps banners on others’ internet sites upon their permission; of course, if a sale occurs from their website, we must pay them a definite sum or percentage.

Having experience in publishing and promoting websites, I hope these factors may be beneficial when you try to do some advertising for your new website. Eliminate me if I forgot to say something important; of course, you can comment and rectify have committed any mistakes. Good day.

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