Here’s How to Hire the Best Window Installer for Your Home Improvement Project


Picking the appropriate window installer is as crucial to the success of your window replacement project as picking the right window itself. Regardless of how good it is, only a professionally installed window will live up to its full potential. Consider the following: It’s commonly agreed that a Stradivarius violin is among the best available. The sound of a Stradivarius in the hands of a great violinist is indescribably beautiful.

On the other hand, everyone is familiar with the sound a violin makes when misplayed. Typically, it falls in the range of a cat’s squeal to that of a dying hippo. A professional window installer may make replacing your windows feel like “sweet music,” while a bad one can be an absolute misery. Finding a reliable window installer might be challenging, but you can avoid hiring a bad one with little planning and study.

Hiring a Window Installer: The Single Most Crucial Consideration

Remember, first and foremost, that you, the consumer, are in charge of every aspect of your window replacement project. To some extent, every conversation you have with a potential window installer is an interview for that position. You should always put yourself in their shoes and imagine you are the hiring manager for their dream job. When you work for a Fortune 500 firm, picking the right window, installer is just as crucial as picking any other employee. This is more than simply a window replacement service; they’ll be by your side every step while you complete the task.

Finding an Installer: A Guide

Many resources are at your disposal when researching replacement windows for your building. Finding a reliable window installer is a challenge. Finding a window installer for your project is not a simple, one-step procedure and may involve additional research on your behalf. It can be difficult to find a reliable contractor, but you can improve your odds by doing some preliminary legwork.

To kick things off, consider these four avenues for generating potential business names: Referral, No. 1 Yellow pages (2) Thirdly, the Web (e.g., a company’s website). Number Four: The BBB

Quickest Method: Ask Around and Get Referrals

Finding a reliable window installation from a personal recommendation is highly recommended. With a recommendation, you can gain insight from someone who has already gone through the process and knows what to expect. Finding a buddy willing to supply you with a lead can be challenging because not everyone you know is replacing their windows. Whatever the case may be, you will never learn unless you inquire. Tell your coworkers, churchgoers, and other friends to watch for you if they hear about someone recently replacing their windows. If someone recommends you favorably, your task has just begun. Remember that getting a positive review for your window installer is not the end of your quest; instead, it shows that your installer is ahead of the competition.

Phone Book

To promote their businesses, most contractors still use the traditional yellow pages. Some may spend a lot on a splashy ad, while others may want to list their contact information in the windows area. Getting estimates and asking questions of contractors used to require nothing more than opening up the Yellow Pages. You want a list of names to start researching, so don’t worry about how they appear in the yellow pages. Gather a shortlist of potential companies (say, five or six) to investigate further.

Explore the Company Website and Other Online Resources

Today, the Internet is the best resource for researching a company before deciding whether or not to contact them. First, look at the company’s website to determine if they install Windows. If they have a website, you should check it out. Do they have a fully-fledged, expert website that tells you everything you need to know about the business, or do they provide you the absolute minimum about the contractor? It would be best to remember that a contractor’s investment of time and energy into their website does not ensure they will be a successful window installation. Still, it does indicate that they take their business seriously.

Accreditation from the BBB

You can also check the Better Business Bureau’s website for any open complaints against a company. You may get a list of BBB-approved businesses by searching their database. These service providers have gone above and above to gain BBB accreditation and are committed to maintaining their status as an accredited business.

Approval of the Installer

When you have a shortlist of window installers, it’s time to learn more about each one. Again, this should be approached like you would an interview for a position at your organization. You should contact the companies on your list and ask them questions covering the fundamentals of a window replacement job.

Reducing the Number of Candidates: An Internal Promotion

You should be able to schedule an in-home consultation with two or three of the five or six businesses you contacted for background research. After your phone call, arrange for in-home visits from the three firms you feel most comfortable with. Give each visit at least an hour, and don’t arrange them back-to-back as a courtesy to the businesses.

The Deal Is Done

You can start working on your window replacement project once you decide on a window style and an installer. If you’ve done your homework and asked the right questions, you should feel comfortable hiring the window installer you chose for your project.

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