Mind-Blowing Confessions From a Celebrity Bodyguard


Celebrities hire bodyguards for protection. No one wants their fans following them around or being caught doing something stupid on camera, and these celebrities require bodyguards as insurance against such events. What do you consider about celebrity bodyguards Sydney.

A professional bodyguard will stand for their celebrity client and deflect fan attention from your Bugatti. However, even the most dedicated bodyguards become overwhelmed with lawsuits, tell-all books, and front-page TMZ reports.

1. They don’t sleep

Celebrities hire bodyguards to protect them against threats to their reputation, keep fans from staring drooling tweens off their cars and prevent former flames from unleashing truth bombs that could shatter designer glasses. While bodyguards vow to do whatever is needed to safeguard their clientele, eventually, even the most brutal celebrity guards need a break from lawsuits, tell-all books, and front-page TMZ stories.

So if you need an attractive bodyguard for your next gig, we have you covered. From Katy Perry fanatics to Kimye fans alike, check out these 20 gorgeous bodyguards that deserve more of the spotlight than they get. Just be wary: some may make you want to hop into their car and drive off with them (or at least take an intimate photo together!). And remember: size doesn’t always equal quality: often, it’s skills that matter more – look for someone who can quickly diffuse situations while also considering aesthetic qualities as essential factors!

2. They’re affectionate

Celebrities employ bodyguards to defend themselves from their fans and as personal aid – for tasks such as walking their dogs or carrying heavy luggage. Over time, their bodyguards may become closer to them due to these unique needs, leading them to form affectionate relationships.

Sometimes these intimate interactions become too close for comfort – some celebrities even date their bodyguards! Ed Sheeran was so packed with his bodyguard that he made a parody Instagram account about them! Other stars such as Kim Kardashian, Madonna, and Pamela Anderson have also dated their security guards!

This can be a dangerous practice as it could signal weakness on the part of celebrities, who would then use their bodyguard as a pawn in an emotional affair. Luckily, most celebrity bodyguards avoid falling into this trap, being rather friendly; some even have fan bases on social media! From protecting Adele to keeping Jennifer Lawrence company, the internet fawns over these handsome men.

3. They take advantage of friendly bodyguards

Celebrities tend to be very self-centered, which can sometimes put undue strain on their bodyguards. While this might not always be harmful, it can become problematic when their protector becomes too close with their celebrity client (e.g., Ed Sheeran’s bodyguard and himself). Ed Sheeran and his bodyguard are an example of such an instance.

Most legitimate protective agencies will meet with clients and explain their role beforehand to avoid being sued if something goes wrong and ensure they understand precisely what services can be provided.

Sometimes bodyguards use steel barriers to corral fans and paparazzi away from celebrities – not always to protect them but because this method allows the protector to see who enters before having to physically push people aside – something which would draw less attention to themselves or the celebrity being protected.

4. They make you embarrassed

Celebrities often display excessive levels of narcissism that can seep into their bodyguard relationships unless they can keep themselves in check. Their arrogance can also take its toll on personal lives, leading them to forget important events or dates, such as celebrating birthdays or special days at school – this can be highly frustrating for bodyguards and is seen by some as a weakness.

Bodyguard scandals can humiliate a celebrity and force them to find another bodyguard for their safety, disrupting their career and jeopardizing their privacy and reputation. Loss of work could occur, potentially jeopardizing family safety as well.

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