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An annual festival that honors flamenco dancing and singing. Also included are guitar concerts. Receive the Best information about events in Madrid.

Commemorating the 1808 uprising against occupying forces as depicted in Goya’s masterpiece painting of firing squad victims, this event includes parades and many other festivities that center around San Isidro – Madrid’s patron saint.

Festival of Flamenco

The Festival of Flamenco in Madrid aims to demonstrate the vast and varied world of flamenco art form. This annual event includes traditional to more avant-garde proposals by various artists from traditional flamenco to avant-garde forms of flamenco music and dance performances. This year will pay a special tribute to Camaron, an influential figure from Madrid’s flamenco history; concerts and dance shows with participation by leading figures within today’s flamenco scene will also take place as part of this festival event.

Angel Rojas, an esteemed bailor known as one of Madrid’s premier dancers, attended the presentation and highlighted that this edition’s focus would be introducing new artists. He also acknowledged its legacy, having become an essential cultural event. This year’s festival will showcase performances selected from over 400 submissions.

At this year’s festival, one of the standout events will be a dance show by the Spanish National Ballet featuring 38 dancers in Ellas (meaning “women”). As one of three major productions at the festival, this will surely provide an explosion of music, movement, and color!

Apart from dance, the festival will also host guitar recitals and workshops, offering something for all participants – from beginners to experienced flamenco fans! If you are visiting Madrid soon, make sure you mark your calendars for this vibrant event; it will truly enrich your cultural experience! You won’t regret it!

Festival of Jazz

The Madrid Jazz Festival (JAZZMADRID) is an autumn event held annually to bring together an eclectic range of jazz artists across multiple venues in Madrid. Running from October to November, Madrid transforms itself into a hub for this musical genre and features over 70 concerts from acclaimed performers to emerging new talent – creating a steady cycle and making jazz accessible without stigma from certain elitists.

At this time of year, you can attend theatre performances, dance shows, concerts, and more at some of the city’s premier venues. There are also free concerts as well as foodie and wine events in this vibrant city; another major draw is its White Nights festival which illuminates and offers various activities, such as dance shows and theatre performances.

Corpus Christi will also be celebrated throughout Madrid this month with festive processions and festivities, while Veranos de la Villa features folkloric dancing, pop music, and classical music at various locations throughout Madrid. Furthermore, open-air cinema screenings take place regularly as do lectures about jazz in detective fiction literature. For more information about these events you can reach out to Madrid tourist offices; they will provide complete schedules and locations of each event as well as open museums like Palacio Real and Prado Museum for visitors during this month.

International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts

Established in 1998, Madrid’s International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts promotes photography as an art form with cultural and social impact. Showcasing work from both Spanish and international image-makers alike, and offering both public and professional activities; as well as hosting an awards program; its program can be divided into an Official Section taking place at major art institutions, and a “Festival Off” that takes place in smaller venues.

Each year, the festival explores a different theme and seeks to introduce novel ways of seeing the world through images. This year’s edition explores “otherness”, featuring works by Irene Irene Cruz, Leticia Felgueroso, and Sheila Pazos; their works use imagery to explore complex and often controversial issues.

The festival features an exhibition series in the city’s metaverse or underground space. These include two Official Section shows in galleries, museums, and cultural centers as well as other exhibitions at galleries, museums, and cultural centers across town. Educational seminars, Photo Walks, and Master Classes supplement these exhibitions, while there is also a huge trade show where photographers from around the globe converge.

Since 1998, Fundacion Contemporanea’s Contemporary Photography Festival in Madrid and Spain has served as an annual meeting point for photographers around the globe. Now known for being an ingenious citywide research and development laboratory that pushes back against conventional photography methods.

International Festival of Tolerance

Madrid Pride celebrations offer more than just parades; they serve as an international platform to foster respect for sexual diversity and tolerance in Madrid and surrounding cities. Visitors to this annual event can enjoy music and dance performances at various venues around Madrid throughout its week-long event.

This event takes place in the Chueca neighborhood, an LGBT hub and one of Europe’s most progressive areas in terms of LGBT rights. Over time, this area has developed its unique character marked by modernity, avant-garde styles, and tolerance.

These festivities feature various events, ranging from the traditional High-Heel Race (where participants wear heels up to 6 inches tall) and international conferences on human rights to an exhibition on sexual diversity featuring over 60 art installations.

Madrid transforms into an incredible stage for dance and music during this festival, featuring both up-and-coming acts as well as established troupes from throughout Spain. At its center is an annual procession honoring La Latina’s patron saint Virgen de la Paloma.

KALORAMA Madrid is an all-out celebration of art and culture, featuring artists like Olivia Dean’s velvety voice, Death Cab for Cutie led by Ben Gibbard, and the fierce indie rock group Nation of Language as confirmed acts. Additionally, other acts like Yves Tumor combining musical genres, Ezra Collective’s emotive songs, or Yard Act’s tropical pop melodies add further variety to the festival experience.

Madrid International Film Festival

The Madrid International Film Festival offers a broad selection of films. Open to both national and international filmmakers, this festival showcases cutting-edge cinematic technology while simultaneously celebrating cultural diversity and encouraging dialogue on new visual narratives. Hosted by Pasajes de Cine in Madrid Spain.

The festival seeks to discover and exhibit cinematic works that reflect an authorial approach and promote dialogue in the contemporary film landscape. Competition submissions are open to all forms of filmmaking but prioritize those that explore innovative forms or aesthetic approaches in terms of formalism and formal innovation.

Alongside screenings, the festival also hosts numerous parallel activities such as presentations, gatherings, and round tables to raise awareness of documentary art’s role within society and facilitate its spread.

Dos de Mayo, which celebrates Madrid’s independence from French rule, draws thousands of visitors every year in late April to Plaza del Dos de Mayo for parades, block parties, and other festive activities. This event draws visitors from across Spain as well as across Europe.

ARCO (Madrid International Contemporary Art Fair) and Mundo Pizarr are other notable Madrid events, drawing galleries from across the globe to Casa de Campo’s Crystal Pavilion; Mundo Pizarr is an animation exhibition dedicated to Pixar characters; while Open House Madrid provides access to some of the city center’s iconic buildings.

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