PhpBB Installation on GoDaddy


Most open-source software has excellent installation instructions, but I always miss something. Naturally, the missing item is typically host-specific, or else it would be included in the documentation. In light of this, setting up a phpBB forum on a server hosted by GoDaddy is a breeze. I plan to record each stage of the setup process.

phpBB, which I assume stands for “PHP bulletin board,” is a fantastic open-source forum software. Assuming you have the following, you can set up a discussion board (or forum) on your website.

1) PHP capability on the web server is required (GoDaddy certainly does this on their Linux plans).
Two) You must have access to a MySQL database.
– Technically, any of the supported databases will do, but since this is being written with Godaddy in mind, let’s go ahead and treat MySQL as the default.

Now, let’s get phpBB set up on The first order of business is to acquire phpBB. Search on Google or check out Open Source Depot to locate this.

After downloading phpBB to your computer, you must extract its ZIP file. When you unpack the archive, you’ll see a folder containing the phpBB code. The version I downloaded has numerous levels of folders.

Make a new folder on the server where phpBB will be installed. I installed phpBB in my server’s/opensource depot/forums directory. I had to make a new subfolder named forums under the preexisting /open-source depot area. I used FileZilla, my preferred FTP client, to accomplish this.

Next, I navigate to the forums folder and “put” (upload) all the phpBB files and folders there. This is the root directory containing all the files and the admin folder; extract them all.

I’m installing the forums software for Open Source Depot while writing this (and documenting the process with screenshots). FileZilla, my FTP client, is transferring the data to my server. The time it takes me to set up a MySQL database on my Godaddy server is negligible compared to the time it will take you to read this sentence.

The details of setting up a MySQL database on Godaddy are beyond this article’s scope, but plenty of resources are available to help you, such as those listed on Open Source Depot. The database IP address, detailed in that post, is the most crucial information for installing these programs on GoDaddy.

However, your database is not necessarily on the same machine as your web server on GoDaddy, so you must specify an address like To find this address, open your database from the hosting manager; the address will appear in the title bar. Most of these installs assume that “localhost” will work, as it does on HostGator. You might also use the pencil icon in the MySQL databases section. The database’s URL should be displayed on the screen.

I have a database running on GoDaddy, and I know its IP address (I won’t share the address, login id, or passwords with you; don’t bother investigating).

You are familiar with your Godaddy database IP (username, name, and password) and have placed your phpBB files in your forums directory on the server. You can now initiate the installation. Just navigate to the location on the web where you dropped the files. The only thing left to do is carry out the steps outlined.

Only the parts of the setup I am modifying will be discussed here. The rest is assumed to be okay.

Name/DSN of the Database Server 1) My database’s IP address is, but I’m not revealing that here for security concerns.

The 2) Database Name You Chose (the name you gave your database when you set it up).

3) Your Database Login (same as your database name at Godaddy).

4) The key to the database. The security key you entered while setting up the database.

Table prefix number five in the database. Since I might wish to install many forums on this database, I altered the default setting from phpbb_ to phpbb_osd_.

The sixth field, “Admin Email Address,” is where the administrator’s email address should be entered.

7) Select an Administrator Login Name.

8) Password for the Administrator (choose a new one).

Finally, you can begin the installation by selecting the appropriate option.

After creating the admin id, you’ll see a confirmation message asking you to click to continue.

A phpBB installation module warning appears, stating that the install and contrib directories must be removed. Act immediately before you forget.

OK, It’s already set up. Sign in as the administrator and begin setting up your phpBB discussion boards.

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