The Hyperlink Tool


Hyperlinks enable you to link text strings with URLs or objects on the internet, making it easy for viewers to access information online, reference materials online, and generate sales funnels. Select the best high authority backlinks.

Clicking the hyperlink tool will activate it, with its dynamic tooltip featuring field values from layers.

Add a Link to the Text

The hyperlink tool makes it simple to create links that act. You can link directly to PDF documents, websites, and files on your computer or external locations.

Link your customers directly to various parts of your website or other online destinations, like social media sites or email services. For instance, you could set up a hyperlink on your site that enables customers to send emails directly or initiate live chat sessions with your team.

A hyperlink connects any text string with a URL address, so when customers click it, they are taken directly there. A special icon that is underlined and blue alerts customers that it can be connected.

HTML code for hyperlinks places text users can see and click between two a href= tags, with the value of their href attribute (known in HTML as target) being set as the URL that will be visited when clicking.

If you want the hyperlinks on your webpage to have specific colors, add CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) code between the first and second tags to change that hue. This can either be done via inline CSS or an external file for maximum control over their appearance.

Add a Link to an Image

A hyperlink is a clickable text or graphic that links directly to another webpage or document, providing readers with easy access to relevant information without scrolling or searching. These hyperlinks help organize content efficiently on a page while reducing friction by quickly connecting readers with the information they require without scrolling or searching.

When creating a hyperlink, you can include both a title to indicate its destination as well as an alt text for users who cannot see or select the linked element. Furthermore, you can set a CSS style (such as blue with underlining).

Although it is technically possible to embed links in images, doing so requires knowledge of HTML coding and access to your CMS Hub dashboard. We advise using a more accessible tool like CMS Hub that offers user-friendly ways of creating and managing links.

To add an image as a hyperlink in most document editors, highlight the text you wish to link and use either Ctrl+K or the Insert Link button. Once activated, a dropdown menu will ask where you would like the text linked; enter the URL or email address when linking back up again, respectively.

Add a Link to a Video

Video can be an incredible medium for conveying stories and building your brand. Additionally, it can create an immersive interactive experience for viewers that increases engagement and conversions. By adding in-video links to your videos – which don’t appear like regular in-description links on most platforms but rather appear within them as clickable banners or hotspots – they increase their value both to viewers and your business.

Add hyperlinks to slides in your presentation by selecting text or images you’d like to link, clicking Hyperlink in the Insert tab, and choosing Place in This Document from the left side. A dialog box will open; select this slide from this list before entering its address into the Address field.

YouTube Interaction Tools, such as Cards and End Screens, make it possible to link directly to videos. Cards are notification-style links that appear for only six seconds during a video; these notifications may contain as little as just headline and timestamp information or be filled out with descriptions, links, and thumbnails. To create one on Videowise, use either one of its pre-made cards or make one yourself – select Cards on Videowise, then either choose or create your own!

Add a Link to a PDF

Linking PDF documents allows users to organize their content better and add outside resources, but the best way to do this is using an online PDF editor that will enable you to create clickable links easily – these tools are user-friendly, available both for PCs and Mac computers and allow for seamless collaboration among collaborators.

FlipHTML5 is an online PDF maker that lets you convert PDFs into interactive digital publications with a flipping effect, adding video and audio files as well as an index table of contents for readers to locate specific information quickly.

To add links to your PDF document, use the Insert tab and select any word or object you’d like to transform into a hyperlink. Select its destination in the Link box before editing its appearance by changing its color or size.

Add hyperlinks to your PDF by selecting Tools > Edit PDF > Link and selecting Add/Edit Web or Document Link. Afterward, drag a rectangle over the area where you wish to insert your link and, in its new dialogue, adjust its appearance and action accordingly.

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