What Do Landscaping Contractors Do?


Find a landscape contractor that specializes in your yard area by researching their credentials, experience in working on similar projects, and client reviews. Choose the best landscaping in San Jose, CA.

Opt for a company that can show examples of its previous work. Evaluate their total costs, timeline, and whether their services align with your project goals.


Landscapers provide comprehensive services that range from planning a property’s landscaping and installing outdoor elements such as gazebos, pools, and walkways to providing maintenance such as pruning, mulching, fertilization, and pest management. Landscapers possess the knowledge required to make recommendations while meeting their client’s budget and deadline requirements.

An initial step for any landscaping contractor is to assess the property where they’ll be working, inspecting soil quality, drainage, sunlight exposure, and drainage to develop an action plan tailored to their client’s specific needs and wants. They must also take into account any obstacles, such as underground utility lines or tree roots, which might become an impediment to their work.

Landscape construction entails adding features that serve the outdoor space of a property, such as patios, decks, pools, and retaining walls, to maximize functionality for its owners and guests. They will also install planting elements designed by landscape architects as part of this service.

Commercial landscaping brings many advantages to businesses, from improving a company’s image and property value to creating an environment that increases employees’ health, wellness, and productivity. Trees and greenery also help provide shade while decreasing stormwater runoff and improving air quality.

Residential landscaping projects designed and maintained correctly can increase market value by up to 12 percent, and hiring a landscaper for regular maintenance services will ensure your trees, shrubs, and flowerbeds remain healthy and attractive.


Landscaping contractors are responsible for turning the designs created by landscape architects and designers into reality, from installing drainage systems, creating slopes and terraces, building wood decks, outdoor kitchens, or extensive features like water fountains to making gardens more aesthetically appealing with hardscape features like paths and patios. These professionals also make gardens more visually appealing by adding hardscape elements like paths and patios.

Landscapers are trained in using various pieces of equipment, from lawnmowers and hedge trimmers to pruning shears and even heavier machines like bulldozers and backhoes for larger landscaping projects. The best contractors boast years of experience as well as being certified experts, in addition to possessing licenses and insurance policies to protect themselves while they perform their work.

Landscape contractors also play an essential role in providing pest control. They may advise plantings that repel certain types of insects or introduce birds and animals into the yard in order to keep insects away from new trees, shrubs, and flowers that have recently been introduced into your garden.

For larger projects, landscaping contractors may use software that shows clients what the finished product will look like at various stages. This enables clients to see how their ideas evolve as the project proceeds while giving a glimpse into what will emerge when completed.


Landscape contractors possess the expertise necessary to design, install, and maintain all kinds of landscaping features. They survey properties to understand their layout and the lay of the land before working with clients to establish budget and timeline objectives. Subcontractors may be needed for specific tasks like excavation or plumbing; additionally, they consult local authorities regarding regulations or setbacks that might impact their project.

Landscape contractors who take their work seriously and put customer satisfaction first are an asset to any community. Professional organizations offer them opportunities to stay abreast of industry developments. Furthermore, licensed landscapers carry insurance to cover themselves and their clients; you should request proof from any contractor you hire in case any injuries or property damage occurs on your property.

When selecting a landscaping contractor, read customer reviews online. Sites like Angie’s List provide impartial assessments of companies. Inquire with friends or neighbors for recommendations; the more information you gather about each business, the better the decision will be.


Landscaping contractors install the lawn, garden, and hardscaping elements designed by landscape architects or designers. In addition, they often perform other responsibilities like permitting designs that meet New York state code requirements as well as working with specialty artisans or workers on particular aspects of a project.

Prior to beginning work on your property, a good landscaping contractor will conduct a complete analysis and evaluation of its layout, taking note of trees, grading issues, erosion problems, and any natural factors that might impede their vision for its final appearance. They may then create a concept plan that depicts both its result and estimated costs; additionally, they’ll offer suggestions for saving money while adhering to your set budget.

Before hiring a landscaping contractor, be sure to receive a list of references and examples of their previous work. It would also be worthwhile visiting similar projects for yourself so as to gain a sense of their quality and style.

When selecting a landscape company, look for one with a license issued by your state or town and insurance. They should possess general liability and worker’s compensation coverage should an accident occur on-site; additionally, licensed contractors will offer written warranties covering their work.