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Have you ever observed that the ‘unsuccessful’ business owners you know seem to work nonstop but accomplish little?

And they may look worn out and torn at the edges.

Also, they always think they forgot about the BAS statements and payments. Astonished when employees quit or when unexpectedly high expenses arise…

And then they’re taken aback by their tax bill come filing season?

They claim to have made a lot of money. Therefore they can’t understand why I haven’t seen any of it in my bank account.

These company owners then point the finger of blame at the tax collector, the government, or the economy.

To the contrary, have you observed that successful business entrepreneurs exude an air of command at all times? Act collected and intent. And ready to deal with any unexpected challenges that may arise.

They have grown accustomed to dealing with commercial matters.

What gives?

What’s their secret, though?

This is because they have planned.

They are ready for it, you’re right.

Extremely successful business owners plot the expansion of their enterprises. They plan, sometimes for several years.

They’ve gotten together with internal and external stakeholders to map out a strategy for expansion. They have contingency plans for dealing with employee turnover, market shifts, fires, break-ins, economic downturns, and even death.

Successful business leaders know, understand, and address all aspects of their enterprise when planning, implementing, and monitoring their company’s expansion.

However, for the typical business owner, “planning” may as well be a four-letter term.

Common questions from business owners include…

They wonder, “How can we plan our business?”

How can you possibly predict the future? They say it without expecting to hear back.

That’s the most exciting part of business for me.

It’s the pinnacle of creative achievement.

You can design your ideal life and financial situation by starting a company.

You get to start from scratch with your business and way of life.

The higher your artistic skill, the more impressive your paintings will be.

The higher your quality of life as a business owner, the better you will be at running your business.

So why do so many business owners refuse or put off making a growth plan for their company?

Most business owners don’t bother with planning because they don’t value it highly enough.

From what I’ve seen, more than one factor is at play here. I think a lack of faith is why many unsuccessful business owners fail to make plans.

Few business owners are optimistic that their companies will succeed and expand in the ways they envision. Therefore, they consider planning to be pointless.

If it won’t work, then there’s no point in trying.

Consider it another way: if it is effective, would you try it?

But I can teach you the proper technique, which will work well. Entrepreneurs can attest to this on my behalf.

Over time, you become so adept at expanding your business that you outpace your projections for future expansion.

How satisfied would you be if, in a couple of weeks, you could cut costs by tens of thousands of dollars, resulting in rapid gains of tens of thousands of dollars?

Would you be content if, in a few months, you were just required to put in 25 hours each week at work?

How satisfied would you be if you could implement a marketing strategy that brought in an extra $200,000 in profit in a matter of months?

I am constantly exposed to and a part of such events.

The same is true for you when you put together a growth strategy.

My experience tells me that most business owners don’t bother with strategic planning because they don’t have confidence in their ability to steer the company’s development.

To this end, they maintain a survival mindset by focusing solely on getting through each day and week. You could say they take delight in staying alive.

However, things change as the entrepreneur prepares for success and expansion. Because at that point, they feel confident that their business will expand, and just as essential, they have some measure of ‘control’ over that expansion.

They are already familiar with the resources and methods to facilitate their development. The anticipation of the planning process is so high.

You can exert far more command over your company’s success than you would if you merely hoped for the best and hoped for the worst.

When you just “wing it,” you must take your chances.

I use a revolutionary process in my one-on-one Business Coaching Program that makes my clients’ future business expansion planning a breeze. You will be pretty pleased with how simple I made it for you, especially if you have previously attempted it.

Many businesses I’ve worked with have weathered industry downturns that would have sunk them in the past. Still, with the correct information and resources, they could generate a profit and survive while their rivals went under.

They will be ready to capitalize on the industry’s recovery once the tide shifts.

Preparation is not everything. It’s a necessary instrument for expanding your company.


Because you’ll likely need to make preparations in advance after you’ve expanded your firm, you will need to engage in tax preparation if you go on to achieve substantial profits. The circumstances are ideal.

Also, you can expand into new markets, territories, and even nations as your business grows, but to attract the kind of investors and partners you’ll need, you’ll need to show them a strategy.

Preparation is simple and necessary. You’ll grow to enjoy the procedure after a few tries.

Influential leaders always think forward.

When do you plan on deciding to start developing into a formidable leader?

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