Common Air Conditioning Unit Installation Considerations (Six)


If you’ve just finished building your dream home from the ground up and are ready to install the air conditioners, you should know a few things before you get started. The following essay will illustrate some of people’s most typical blunders while operating an air conditioning system.

One of the most common sales mistakes is to believe the smooth words of a seasoned salesperson.

Don’t fall for the salesman’s spiel just because he’s charming and well-spoken. His goal as a seasoned sales professional is to win your favor. Unfortunately, not all consumers have extensive knowledge of HVAC systems. Some customers buy air conditioners on the salesperson’s recommendation without considering whether or not the unit is too big for the room. Some consumers erroneously purchase air conditioning equipment without first considering several factors.

The lack of forethought during the AC installation.

Air conditioners are often put in to please the whims of the homeowner. The opposite should be accurate. It’s not easy to just plug in a new air conditioner; there are many factors to consider. Your electrical engineer should have this all well thought out. The air conditioners you have installed must be a good fit for the shape of your home. This is why different types of air conditioning units are put in different rooms. The number of warm persons in a room, the size of the space, the size of the windows on the walls, and the layout of the house are all factors that should be considered before installing an air conditioning unit.

When selecting a size, the room’s dimensions and the number of occupants should be your priorities. The first step is to pinpoint the precise location inside your home that needs air conditioning. The amount of energy used is dependent on this factor. The square footage of your space and the BTU or British thermal unit value of your air conditioner should be compatible. For every 50 square meters of floor space, it is suggested that 2000 BTU of cooling capacity be installed. Therefore, some calculation is required here. Another factor to consider is how often the air conditioning will be used and how many warm persons will be in the space.

The placement of the air conditioner

Another typical error is placing the unit in a room with too many lights on. In such a situation, light bulbs become hotter to the touch after being turned on. When utilizing the air conditioner, this is of no use at all. Similarly, an ill-considered installation would involve positioning the air conditioner to face the sun or right next to a large plant or tree. Any clutter or obstructions to air conditioning units must be removed.

A/C unit wiring that hasn’t been double-checked

If you’ve delegated the installation of your new air conditioner to professionals, it’s a good idea to double-check their work. It is better to inspect these connections now than to discover too late that they were not fitted properly and are leaking in the future.

Five. Installing an air conditioner by cutting holes in the wall the size of windows.

Making fewer entry and exit points into your home is preferable. These days, air conditioning units are installed through little wall or ceiling openings rather than massive windows. Several modern air conditioners may be installed through a hole as tiny as a credit card. There are a variety of options available for air conditioning systems nowadays. This should serve as a warning against allowing windows or other large openings to be cut into your walls.

Putting an air conditioner in a room with wooden floors,

Having an air conditioner in a room with a wooden floor is not a terrible idea. It’s merely that different flooring options mean different cooling times. Since cold air falls and warm air rises, this follows that air bounces back quickly from solid objects, proving the principle. If you’re fortunate enough to work with an excellent consultant electrical engineer, he’ll walk you through the effects of different flooring materials on air conditioning. He needs to provide additional options to help you save money by reducing the workload on your air conditioners.

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