Salt Spray Review – How to pick The Best Self Defense Spray


The spice-up spray is one of the most popular self-defense products on the market. It’s nonlethal, inexpensive, easy to use, small, and of traffic. However, there are various types of spice-up spray so it’s necessary to understand the different options before you buy some for self-defense reasons.


CS (Orthochlorobenzalmalonitrile)
CN (alphachloroacetaphenone)
OC (Oleoresin Capsicum)
CS and CN both have a number of disadvantages and are not suggested. CS and CN tend to be irritants that affect the membrane layer tissues, leading to a painful sensation and causing vision to tear. Both acquire approximately 5 to thirty seconds to take effect. This alone generates inadequate personal employment. Imagine spraying a potential opponent and having to wait thirty seconds for the effects to activate. Several studies have discovered that men and women under the influence of certain mind-transforming drugs are impervious for you to pain and thus are not afflicted by CS or CN. Likewise, both CS and CN are man-made chemicals that might be carcinogens and may lead to long health problems.

OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) generally referred to as pepper aerosol, is the most common and powerful defensive spray. OC can be an inflammatory agent, unlike CS and CN which are problems. OC is not a man-made chemical, it is created from various hot pepper plants and for that reason, is natural, and nontoxic to result in no permanent damage. OCCITAN begins working immediately, typically taking about thirty you forty minutes for its consequences to subside.

OC dilates the eye capillaries, which causes short-lived blindness. Next, it penetrates the throat and inflames breathing tissue, resulting in critical coughing. Therefore, it’s powerful for people under the influence of drug treatments who might not feel ache. The attacker is still capable to breathe, so OC is basically life-threatening, but is extremely unbearable and uncomfortable.

So OCCITAN is clearly the best option in relation to choosing which type of salt spray to buy. However, there are actually two additional things to consider any time purchasing an OC aerosol; formulation, and delivery process.


Pepper sprays appear in a range of concentrations from 1% to 18%. Most people believe 18% is the best because really made up of the highest concentration involving OC. However, the best method to find out a pepper spray’s usefulness is to find out the heat ranking. The heat rating of OCCITAN pepper spray is calculated in Scoville Heat Models (SHUs). The SHU for any standard bell pepper is actually 0, while Habanero peppers are approximately 200, 000 to 300, 000. Numerous OC pepper sprays come with a SHU of between one, 000, 00 to 3, 000, 000. So, purchasing OCCITAN pepper spray with a focus of 18% is fine, however, the most important thing to consider is the temperature rating. Pepper spray that has a higher heat rating and will certainly incapacitate an attacker and create him more uncomfortable than the usual pepper spray with a reduced heat rating.


The second thing to consider is the shipping method. This is just as substantial as the formulation in identifying which pepper spray is correct for you. Each delivery technique has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. The actual five delivery methods tend to be; the stream, cone air, fogger, foam, and solution.

The stream functions in a way similar to a high-pressure hose nozzle. A large amount of pepper applies being forced through a small starting in a short amount of time.


The actual stream has the largest variety, up to 20 feet, which means you will be able to keep a safe long distance between you and the attacker.
Really made up of heavy droplets it’s the same not likely to be affected by good winds and won’t hit back into your direction.
Typically the stream can be shot into an attacker’s face, rendering it particularly effective.

Although stream has the best selection, the user must be precise in their aim, which could prove to be tough under the stress of the instances. If an attacker is within shut range, it may be tough to acquire an accurate shot to the confront.
The stream doesn’t be as durable as some of the other products. Shooting a large amount of spray signifies you will empty your suction unit quickly.
The stream will not create a mist-like barrier and so a direct hit to the confront is required for it to be effective.
The cone water works similar to hair aerosol or a room deodorizer, it can linger in the air for up to thirty seconds.


The cone water disperses the pepper aerosol in a wide, circular style so the user doesn’t have to become very accurate with their purpose, particularly at close variety. If an attacker gets actually remotely close to the mist, he can breathe it in but it will surely penetrate the pores associated with his skin.
Because it the made up of small, fine tiny droplets, it will remain in the air for a long period and create a barrier that the assailant must pass through to commence his victim. Even if a good attacker shields his eye and holds his breathing while attempting to walk with the mist barrier, it will nevertheless penetrate the skin and incapacitate him.

The range for any typical cone mist apply is about four to 10 feet, so an assailant could get pretty close to their intended target.
The cone mist is less effective within windy conditions. The wind might blow the mist from the assailant, or even worse, it could blow back towards the person using it.
The actual fogger, as its name signifies, creates a fog-like spray design. It is similar to the cone air but is made up of many quality droplets, so it lingers uphill much longer.


Foggers are generally under high pressure, so the selection is nearly equivalent to the steady flow, about 15 feet.
Foggers are unaffected by major winds and won’t hit back in the user’s direction.
Typically the fogger also creates a mist-like barrier, that hovers uphill for several minutes, which makes it effective versus multiple assailants.
The fogger is especially effective indoors. Showering the fogger in a home or hallway will make the idea nearly impenetrable. This is excellent if you need to hold off of attacker for a few minutes to present yourself time to escape through the window or another door.

Because Foggers are beneath high pressure and they discharge a large number of spray, you’ll empty your current canister pretty quickly.
The pepper polyurethane foam looks like a foam-type removing hair cream and can cover a great attacker’s entire face so that it is difficult to see.


The particular pepper foam sticks to the face and any make effort to wipe it off may cause deeper penetration into the epidermis.
It includes a UV coloring that marks the enemy for law enforcement to identify the dog.
The range is good at 7 to 10 feet.

It doesn’t create a barrier just like the cone mist or the fogger.
The user must aim correctly to achieve a direct hit on the face.
Often the pepper gel is a glue-like substance that reacts identical to the pepper foam and stands to an attacker’s skin.


The pepper gel stands to the face like paste. Like the Pepper Foam, the item marks the attacker’s experience for law enforcement to personality easily.
The pepper skin gels have an excellent 18-base range.
Any attempt to mop it off causes even more penetration into the skin.

It doesn’t create a barrier much like the cone mist or fogger.
The user must aim effectively to achieve a direct hit into the face.
In a sometimes bloody and dangerous world, it has important for individuals to be responsible for their own personal protection. Pepper spray is a wonderful alternative to firearms as a personal protection product. However, it’s important to know about differences and how they do the job before deciding which one is correct for you.

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