The Keys to Knowledge: A Guide on Putting What You Know to Good Use


Knowledge’s Hidden Codes:

To tell a tale.

Remove the watch strap. I was probably around 12 years old. I planned to shave the leather band off to replace it with a twist flex band. While we were watching, my pal said, “Wait!” because there was a more straightforward solution. Unfortunately, I did not heed this warning, instead trusting my judgment and cutting the leather strap. I was shocked when my friend mentioned the removable pins in the two sidebars. The leather band could have been spared had I “listened,” as I discovered to my cost.

Yet another tale.

In Florida in 1986, I remember standing on the porch and watching the shuttle Challenger lift off. There was no cloud in the sky on this crisp, frosty morning. Some engineers had reservations regarding the solid fuel boosters’ o-rings before liftoff. These are the twin rockets attached to the tank’s side. They were concerned for the seals because the temperature had dropped to near freezing the night before. They requested that the launch be delayed. The fuel tank of the Challenger exploded (as my pals and I witnessed), killing everyone on board and shocking the globe. What caused the bomb to go off? O-rings, for short. The only way they could learn was the hard way.

I grew up in Mississippi. I was one of the few kids in my neighborhood to own a surfboard and ride the waves (whenever I could find them!) in the Gulf of Mexico when I was younger. I was obsessed with visiting Hawaii and read every article I could get about the islands and surfing multiple times. I joined the Navy at age 18, and by the time I was stationed in Hawaii, I was sitting in Waimea Bay with my surfboard. I had always planned on attending a university in Hawaii and finally made it happen after graduating from high school. People always make fun of me by asking, “What did you study?” So you want to go surfing..? The whole thing makes me laugh. That’s quite good for a Mississippian! I put into practice a fundamental idea: being clear about your goals makes achieving them much more straightforward.

Off the coast of Grande Island in the Philippines, my buddies and I were out for a fun evening of snorkeling and lobster hunting on a shallow reef. I couldn’t see anything when I looked up, but my companion slapped me on the shoulder and said, “Look!” Four reef sharks were circling just beyond the line of sight. From my previous research, sharks preferred to eat in the mornings and evenings.

So… A story I had heard about divers in a similar predicament sprang to mind. We were about 30 feet deep in the water, and the beach was about 100 yards away. We did the following. Our group size was 3. I yelled at my companions, “Lock arms!” My buddies encircled me from both sides, and I found myself in the center. By making ourselves look like a much larger group, we prevented the sharks from zeroing in on any one of us individually.

It took us about seven minutes of fin-paddling, with my two friends staring forward and me on my back, to reach the shallows, during which time sharks darted in and circled the entire way. When the sharks got too close, we made a lot of noise and kicked at them. We made it, and the sharks pursued us until we were in only six inches of water. Very frightful! A group of divers had a similar incident, so I used what I had learned from reading about them.

In a word, have patience.

Photographs bring me much joy. I learned that if you zero in on your ultimate goal and learn as much as possible about it, you will eventually achieve it. True, I did that. I immersed myself in photographic literature, secured a position as a pickup truck for a film processing facility, and continued my education by documenting the techniques and methods I found most helpful. Then I worked at a photography studio, and within six months, I was hired as a staff photographer for a small-town newspaper. How awesome is that? In my first year of photography, I took over 10,000 shots and studied photography extensively. But that’s another story (let me know if you’re curious). I still can’t believe how much I managed to do in such a short period.

A crucial…
So, out of everything I’ve listed above, what do you think was the most important, or at least the thing that may have been the deciding factor? Knowledge, of course.

We aren’t born knowing everything there is to know. The fortunate youngster is the one that either ‘listens!’ to their parents or grows up knowing how important it is to learn new things. A change is coming to that kid. A child who appreciates the importance of education will end up with a head start in life. This doesn’t guarantee they’ll be the top student in their class, but it gives them a leg up on the competition.

Funny thing, knowledge.
It has many applications, including therapeutic, harmful, humorous, entertaining, motivating, and influential.

Herein lies the truth to the adage “Knowledge is Power.” Don’t be taken aback by its seeming ease of use. Many experts and laypeople alike have been unable to tell me what this word implies. This sums up the situation nicely.

” Information aids in making the most of available means,

better in the here and now and into the foreseeable future.

To rephrase the question…
Seek first to comprehend; then, all else will fall into place.

To rephrase the question…
You can put today’s lessons to use tomorrow.

To rephrase the question…
There’s an easy way and a difficult way to do things.

Taking advantage of other people’s expertise and knowledge is a simple method.

Trying to find everything out on our own is the hard way.

To put it bluntly. It’s the phrase “more effectively” that’s the key here. That’s why you’re better than the rest. Let’s review the examples I used at the report’s outset to illustrate my points.

Logic 101

To paraphrase the first sentence of this document, IF/THEN… ” Wait! ” In other words, “There’s an easier way! ”

If only I’d realized the pins on my watch had sprung, I could’ve gotten a leather band, too.

The Challenger disaster may have been avoided if only launch management listened to the engineers.


I would not have surfed Waimea Bay and Pipeline had I not prioritized a trip to Hawaii (critical background material).

If… I wasn’t such a dedicated swimmer and diver, and if I hadn’t come across that shark tale, I might not be sitting here today composing my report.

I couldn’t have taken those 10,000 images if… I hadn’t studied photography.

If… your airline pilot didn’t have the required training and experience…

If… your dentist/surgeon/doctor hadn’t spent years in school and on the job…

You could have a long, healthy, and happy life if you knew the secret to being exceptionally beneficial.

If only you could [fill in your desired outcome here].

If I were to… [insert your findings here]

to continue…

A deeper explanation…

The simple Secret of Knowledge is that it will help you use all of your resources more effectively. It will make your life more fulfilling, safer, and more secure IF you recognize it as a valuable resource and seek out knowledge that can help you in the areas of life you have chosen and IF you do it consciously.

The Scientific Way to Wealth:

This is a joint inquiry I get. When asked, “Will it make me rich? ”

In response, I’ll pose a query. “How would you define affluence?” or perhaps more appropriately, “What is your definition of Wealth?” First, do you have a concrete concept of what it means to be “rich” and “wealthy” and second, what kinds of information can help you get there? Third, if you want to get rich, specialize in something. Read it carefully and learn all you can about the subject of riches. Please explain. How does it come to be? Which methods are in use? What are the basic steps and strategies? How do I put them to use? The “if you want to conquer something, study it” principle is also at play here.

* Interested in taking flying lessons? Take a look!

Interested in earning your Karate black belt? Take a look!

Need to get rich? Take a look!

Want the ability to perform auto repairs on your own? Take a look!

Do you aspire to become a master of jazz? Take a look!

First things first – certain undeniable realities

This is the truth. They cannot be argued with. From here, you can move on to other things. Understanding this should elevate the value placed on learning and education.

First, you don’t have forever; you die or become insane.

Second, the habitable zone of the Earth’s atmosphere is only around five miles deep.

Thirdly, you need information to live a good life since you have to make better decisions.

4.) Information is the key to success.

” Information aids in making the most of available means,

faster and better, both today and in the future.

OK, I get that, but how can I put it to use?

Stay with me here! You won’t regret it.

I will share a primary method for analyzing data with you. Even though it’s easy to do, it has a significant impact. Pass the knowledge down to your young ones and close pals. But first, a compelling little lesson that you’re going to adore and that will dramatically highlight the value of not only information but also intelligence and the application of knowledge.

First, the lesson. What is your IQ?

Learn the distinction between information and brains by reading this.

A teacher took these actions:

The educator boasted, “In about 30 seconds, I can teach you the difference between knowledge and intelligence, and I will give you a lesson you won’t forget.”

A collective chuckle spread around the classroom as the students asked, “OK… we paid $$ for thirty seconds’ worth of time?” And the teacher responded, “Don’t worry, once you learn the lesson, we will have much to speak about, for this lesson is worth its weight in gold. Ready? ”

He produced an apple. He instructed them to “Take a good look at this apple and take a good look around this room.” He displayed the fruit for ten whole seconds. Next, he instructed me to “close your eyes.” This is the introduction to the course material.

This brings us to the second half of our lesson…
He then instructed them to close their eyes and not open them until he said, “I tell you to open them.” After repositioning the apple, he took a few steps around the room. After that, he added, “Here’s part two… now… with your eyes still closed, find the apple!”

I don’t know what would happen if it didn’t make my argument. In that case, why bother? (or maybe even points?)

Seeing and watching are the means of gathering helpful, firsthand information. Access to this information is like having eyes and seeing the world around you. This is significantly reduced if you close your eyes. It takes “intelligence,” defined as the use of knowledge to achieve a goal, to locate the apple using memory, conceptual understanding, experience, initiative, and action.

Your allotted time of 30 seconds has expired.

The above lesson is straightforward, but it does teach two important lessons. The foundation of knowing something might be either general information or specific details about the subject at hand. They knew their way around the room and what the apple looked like, but they still needed intellect to locate it. Teach your children this easy but valuable lesson.

Try a new set of conditions! to which they can relate; for example, where did they put their tinker toys?

An Informational Formula, Part II HICO

An easy method of data calculation is HICO. A data formula is what? It’s like having a compass in the form of a group of words. The ‘bearing’ it provides can be considered a foundational principle or approach. These are the HICO guidelines.

Health Insurance Coverage Options




How does it function, and how do you put it to use?

You already have ‘degrees’ in the things above. You have a specific ‘amount’ of health, intelligence, and bravery reflecting your identity. And… you’re shooting for something. So, how do you put it to use? Remember that the first step in accomplishing any goal is identifying that goal. Then, incorporate the virtues of Health, Intelligence, and Courage into your daily life to help you reach your objective. You may consider these to be your ” tools. ”

The underlying principle applies to projects of varying complexity. The method is straightforward but efficient. You may set as your goal the enhancement of your Vitality, Wisdom, and Fortitude. That can be an end in itself, with benefits all its own.

Does this make any sense to you?

Use HICO as a virtual filing cabinet for your thoughts. A definition, please. Everything in your life can be reduced to one of these components.

Physicality encompasses all aspects of health. The state of your body in terms of fitness, diet, and sleep

Intelligence = the sum of one’s mental labor, thought, analysis, goal setting, and planning abilities.

The spiritual realm equals all things requiring courage. Dealing with anxiety and dread, calming your nerves,

Taking on the World

Oh wow, I sure could have used it earlier! I can now get my thoughts in order. [laugh!]

HICO can also be used to give your life purpose. A definition, please. Setting and achieving objectives (beyond the necessities of existence) gives your life purpose and meaning. If you want to give your life purpose, setting goals and using HICO to achieve them is a great place to start.

The essentials. You will have a better chance of reaching your goals and organizing your thoughts as you get healthier, smarter, and braver. I pray you find this helpful and that I have increased your sensitivity and made your situation less stressful. It’s straightforward yet powerful and, most importantly, does the job!

Last but not least:

And that sums it up. Here are some easy guidelines, methods, and principles to try! You should feel a little more informed after reading this.
Prepared and Loaded!

Your patience is appreciated.

Author: Michael M. Hall

Armed and Ready: The Art & Science of Making Use Of Information By whoever Wrote It

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