Real Estate Marketing Tools


Real estate agents frequently find it challenging to balance marketing efforts with the selling efforts of the business. Utilizing marketing tools can help simplify and organize this task for you. Steps to build an online presence.

CRMs allow organizations to automate and consolidate various relationship-oriented tasks, as well as eliminate bottlenecks to ensure all team members are working towards meeting common goals efficiently and successfully.

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the leading social media management tools for real estate agents. This platform enables users to easily monitor, schedule, and post to multiple social networks simultaneously, as well as gain analytics and monitoring capabilities. Furthermore, its wide array of features makes it compatible with most platforms – it’s user-friendly yet provides valuable data in an easily consumable format.

One of the most valuable features is social media listening, enabling users to track key phrases and terms found on other people’s posts that could provide opportunities to connect with customers and bring in new business. Another helpful feature is tracking competitor accounts to analyze their performance so as to develop more effective strategies for their businesses.

A key feature is Streams, which allows users to organize content easily by social network. They can set up separate streams for home feeds, messages, and posts – making it simple to monitor all their activity at one glance. In addition, users can customize their dashboard with widgets for more straightforward navigation and organization.

Hootsuite’s app can be easily installed on iOS, Android, and PC and seamlessly integrates with other applications – like Grammarly for quality writing, Canva for social media graphic creation, and YouTube/Twitter captioning to provide closed captioning of videos posted there.

The Hootsuite app is free for individuals, while the paid version offers many more features and is more cost-effective – starting at $15 a month for the basic plan; additional packages may also be available to choose from. Hootsuite also offers a free trial period so potential clients can test drive its software prior to deciding on purchasing it.

2. Buffer

Buffer offers various features to schedule content across social media platforms and track and analyze performance. Suppose your real estate business operates multiple accounts. In that case, Buffer can consolidate them all into one dashboard that displays version by channel and lets you quickly see what type of posts are garnering the most engagement. This makes analyzing attention an efficient practice.

Buffer offers an easy-to-use photo editor called Pablo that makes creating and scheduling images from within its platform easy. This feature stands out as it doesn’t require downloading an independent application like Canva or PicMonkey – making Pablo perfect for creating quote images – an increasingly popular trend on real estate social media!

Buffer makes creating and scheduling posts simple by offering various scheduling options, such as post and retweet designing at specific times or days of the week; you can even add multiple accounts and set customized schedules for each.

Buffer stands out from similar tools with its user-friendly interface. While other solutions might have too many features to navigate quickly and comfortably, Buffer’s minimalist approach makes it easy and pleasurable to use.

Buffer stands out with its built-in content curation tool, which lets me quickly pull in content from multiple sources and select what I want to be shared for any given profile or profile. I especially love their browser extension that enables quick sharing from anywhere online by just clicking the Buffer button in your toolbar.

3. Workamajig

Workamajig is an innovative project management tool that provides many features designed to assist marketers with completing their projects successfully. Built upon HTML 5, Workamajig can efficiently run on mobile devices and modern browsers – while helping track time spent on each project and prepare status reports; users can view to-do lists daily, weekly, or monthly with this cloud-based system, allowing access anytime or anywhere!

Workamajig began life as a project management solution designed specifically to assist creative agencies in completing their projects, but it has since expanded to be used by businesses from different industries – marketing agencies, design firms, in-house creative departments, and public relations companies alike. It’s fully configurable to suit other businesses’ or teams’ individual needs.

Account managers use these templates to generate accurate estimates and creative briefs that are then sent over for client review and approval. Furthermore, this program helps account managers build schedules with multiple target dates, provide insight into potential budget challenges, and keep team members on the same page through integrated calendars that provide real-time insights.

This platform also assists agencies in winning new business by offering tools like opportunity widgets, flexible searching capabilities, support for a “win without pitching” tracking system, and automatic synchronization of contacts. Other key features include client service and financial management systems, which aid agencies by adding details to client invoices and streamlining client billing processes; additionally, it links up with STRATA and SmartPlus media trafficking/reporting platforms to streamline media trafficking/reporting procedures and simplify their trafficking/reporting procedures.

4. vox Insights

iovox Insights transforms phone calls from static data into visual, actionable insights for growth and performance improvement opportunities. It was designed to assist sales teams in optimizing agent performance, evaluating customer needs, and providing customers with solutions in real-time. Furthermore, this solution works across various marketing channels, such as social media or online advertising, providing API access for developers.

The Insights feature utilizes natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence to analyze voice calls and detect keywords, emotions, and sentiments during conversations. It can help identify post-call follow-up solutions as well as enhance customer support and experience for brand products or services.

Additionally, vox Insights helps businesses track calls from multiple sources and assign them to agents or departments based on where the lead came from – improving customer service by answering calls in a timely fashion while monitoring call volumes and detecting potential systemic issues.

For instance, vox’s Insights feature can identify calls about specific neighborhoods and properties to assist real estate companies in understanding which are most popular among customers. Furthermore, Insights highlights which bedroom sizes callers are interested in searching for, which can provide insights into property trends as well as estimate potential buyer demand.

Screen-transcribed call recordings enable managers to monitor whether agents comply with legal requirements or the company’s call scripts and measure customer satisfaction during each call. This is especially beneficial for customer service representatives dealing with high call volumes, as it allows them to focus their time on urgent matters. Furthermore, businesses can utilize this platform to identify callers’ key challenges and need to identify upsell/cross-sell opportunities.

5. Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow Premier Agent equips real estate agents with tools designed to connect with and nurture leads. This includes a CRM system, automated email and text response capabilities, and performance analytics.

Zillow also provides real estate agents with tools to target specific audiences and increase ROI from advertising, which may come in particularly useful when trying to attract sellers or buyers in particular neighborhoods.

Premier Agents benefit from being able to see how much their competitors are spending in their market area as an added perk – an invaluable opportunity for agents looking to understand better what their competition is doing and learn from its success.

Costs associated with Zillow Premier Agent vary based on market and competition conditions, though generally speaking, more costly markets tend to necessitate larger budgets in order to remain competitive. Furthermore, Zillow’s customer service guarantees every Premier Agent at least one buyer/seller lead each week; however, there’s no assurance they’ll hire that person who reaches out.

Zillow Premier Agent’s impressive conversion potential has become well-established, making it an indispensable marketing tool for agents or teams. For optimal success with Zillow Premier Agent, leads must be followed up on and maintained communication channels; doing this increases their likelihood of turning into clients that help expand your business.

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